Daniele Longo Musicista

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  • Release date: 2018

Carlo Nicita, flutes, electronics
Valerio Scrignoli, electric guitar
Daniele Longo, keyboards
Roberto Zanisi, cumbus, baritone fretless guitar, cajon, cd player

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What about this  Cosmofonia Rudimentale ? Well we have here a group of friends who liked to improvise together around 2010 in studio and on stage. The “excuse” was to create a music that could accompany futurist poetry. Roberto Zanisi is a polymorphous musician playing a lot of ethnic string instruments who collaborated between others with Amy Denio, Giovanni Venosta, David Moss, Sainkho Namtchylak and Fabien Guyot. Valerio Scrignoli is an important  guitarist of Italian jazz scene who also plays rock. Carlo Nicita is a classical trained flutist who plays jazz, rock and improvised music he is considered as one of the best Italian jazz flutists. Daniele Longo is a talented keyboard player who went through every kind of music. This double CD slept for around a decade in some hidden place and gives us the opportunity to listen to Cosmofonia Rudimentale in both versions live and studio. The studio CD opens with “ Embryonic Cosmo” featuring some out of control lyrics sustained by a musical tapestry where organ and flute are the main actors. “Fuga da Calcutta” is pervaded by something near to an Indian feeling.”Bolero Futurista” is a long track, introduced by a vocal gimmick remembering Magma, dominated by keyboard evolutions  bringing us back to the seventies. “La lava cha cha” has a quiet start based on the flute of Nicita with a intense final with all the instruments taking part to the music. “Auanagana” introduced by a guitar remembering  Pink Floyd integrates texts and music in a sonorous path with a lot of curves and u turns.”Traffik” starts in a rhythmic way slowly dissolving in a twisted climate. “Armenian Prayer” based on organ and guitar slowly moves  around a prayer text. The live CD opens with “ Desert Encounters” that was already featured on the compilation “Out of Standard” Italia 7 proposes a wider integration between text and music creating an oblique feeling that helps the live creativity of the group. ”Taranta Raga” is the longer piece of the 2 CD’s and it can be considered a suite where all musicians express at turn their skills.” Corso Venezia 23” flows slowly in an sonorous fresco more and more complex with percussion and organ in evidence. “Sarpa Salpa” takes it’s name from an hallucinogen fish ( if eaten it causes the same effects of LSD for a couple of days) the piece develops between voices, little voices and music inserts.” Tuareg plastic bag” whirls around a barely ethnic percussive sequence. ”Tamburi delle midolle” has also a vaguely percussive soul with a lot of effects. This musical adventure lasts around 140 minutes and grants a lot of surprises and the consciousness to navigate in a futurist sea on a boat that was built in the seventies. Lead (Woasches)